TenfoldFX Academy Course
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TenfoldFX Academy Course



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About Course:

Discover the essential skills needed to thrive as a self-reliant forex trader through our comprehensive Tenfold FX online course. Designed with beginners in mind, this program equips you with a deep comprehension of financial markets, risk management, and smart money strategies.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Achieve Self-Sufficiency: Acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become an independent forex trader.
  2. Identify High-Probability Set-ups: Learn to spot high-probability trading opportunities in the financial markets.
  3. Master Risk Management: Gain expertise in effectively managing risk to safeguard your investments.
  4. Emotion Control: Develop the ability to control your emotions while trading, ensuring rational decision-making.

Course Description:

Tenfold FX is tailored to beginners seeking to gain expertise in financial markets and trading. This course offers a comprehensive exploration of market dynamics, risk mitigation, and smart money strategies.

The course commences with an introduction to financial markets, offering insights into various asset classes such as currencies, indices, and commodities. Students will delve into understanding market functioning, the factors influencing price movements, and the pivotal roles played by major stakeholders like central banks and governments.

Moving forward, the course covers market flow and structure, which is pivotal for grasping the inner workings of financial markets. Students will delve into technical analysis, chart patterns, and the art of identifying market trends. Additionally, they will explore fundamental analysis, encompassing economic indicators and their role in shaping trading decisions.

Risk management is a critical component of this course, and students will become proficient in various risk management strategies aimed at minimizing losses. The importance of maintaining a trading journal and leveraging it for trade analysis and self-improvement will also be emphasized.

The course culminates in the exploration of smart money concepts, shedding light on institutional investor behavior and how to capitalize on this knowledge for profitable trades. Students will gain insights into order flow, market manipulation, and identifying trends in trading volume.

Upon completion of the Tenfold FX course, students will have developed a robust understanding of financial markets and trading concepts, enabling them to make well-informed trading decisions.

Target Audience:

This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in learning the art of trading.


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