MahadFX Lifetime Discord Access
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MahadFX Lifetime Discord Access



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About Course:


Every single trade that Mahad takes he will send into the group. Group members can then use this analysis to either confirm analysis they have already done as being valid or use it to question their own setups. This is a great way for traders to observe what textbook analysis would look like without becoming reliant on signals

Of course, there isn’t a guarantee the market will show entry opportunities every day and so some days Mahad may not send through any trades to the group, but, rest assured that every single entry that Mahad takes he will send into the group.


Every Sunday at 7 or 8PM GMT in the mentorship group we have a weekly zoom call. Within these zoom calls Mahad will break down pairs live for group members (All the pairs that feature in the weekly watchlist will be broken down live for group members and they will then be given the opportunity to ask questions). Weekly zoom calls last a minimum of 2 hours and is an amazing way for group members to develop a personal bond with their mentor.

Every single zoom call is recorded and upon entry into the group, Students will gain access to a library of 100+ hours of call content. This means that if a group member is unable to make it to any of the calls they can always just watch the full zoom call in their own time.


Once you join the team, you will also get a basic course that will introduce you to the foundational concepts when trading SMC such as Imbalance, Wyckoff, LTF confirmations, Order blocks, and other essential SMC concepts. This will give you a basic understanding of the SMC terminology so that when you watch the calls back you understand what is being discussed in the zoom calls

Note:   You’ll have access to a cloned server with lifetime updates and real-time chat.


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