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Most frequently questions and answers

Tradesmint is the largest and most affordable online community for courses. With over 150+ updated courses, you can be sure that your questions will be answered by experienced professionals. It also provides so many other services to help you as you progress through your business career. 

Tradesmint is a community, we have people in every country who are interested in new courses, but due to the high price, they can’t go for them. We basically collect few bucks from every guy who is interested in that specific course, then we use that money to purchase the course from the official site. 

After that, we download and provide those courses all over the world.

In our courses, we provide mega cloud storage links. There is no download limit on our links, you can download or watch them online.

Steps to Download Your Purchased Course:

1. Go to the main menu, then My-account/downloads.

2. You’ll see the course name there. Click on “view” to download your course.

We offer Discord access and lifetime updates on some premium courses. (search for “lifetime updates” or “Future updates” to find courses with all future updates).

We add course content images to every course. You can open and match them with the official site. Tradesmint also offers very low-priced courses. You can buy and check them first to see if they’re real. If you require additional proof of your course, please contact us at